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Speech 1 outline - -In this class Joseph hopes to build his...

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Daniel Lavender Week 1: Speech 1 Outline Speech 275 I. Joseph Sanchez and where he grew up. - Born on May 5 1991 - Lived in Chino Hills in whole life - Attended Chino Hills High School and graduated in 2010 - 19 years old II. What are your extracurricular activities Joseph? - Pancake breakfast for his church twice a year - Playing poker, sports and hanging out with friends - Loves the beach III. What do you hope to accomplish while in this class and at Devry?
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Unformatted text preview: -In this class Joseph hopes to build his speaking skills, enhance his voice, and use better choices of working. At the end of this class he hopes to have improves substantially as a public speaker.-As a whole at Devry Joseph hope to complete his BA in Business management so he can start and run his own business....
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