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“Both readings give some importance to users of technology. They do so, however, with slightly different emphases. Please elaborate on that.” Su Kim Wednesday May 11, 2011 Cowan offers that the diffusion of the stove was dependent not so much on the inventions that altered the form of the stove but rather on innovations that altered the pattern of its production. The users of technology act and consume within the patterns of their social network. Cowan offers that a social-economic analyst can predict how consumers will act by looking at the social construct of where target consumers exist – the network in which the consumer is embedded is the most important determining factor. His main focus is on the Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvanian Fireplace that allowed greater fuel efficiency, more comfort in its central position, and more cleanliness (the fire was enclosed) than stoves popular in 1760. However, consumers
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Unformatted text preview: failed to adopt the stove because of difficulties in obtaining fuel for the stove) that existed in the wholesale and retail domain outside of the urban consumer/retail consumer domain. Even though a product may be more efficient, cheap – availability, easiness of access will determine whether or not the product becomes popular in the consumer market. Collins and Pinch focus more on the attitude of consumers/users of technology on technology and science. Often, when technology fails, science is not blamed, but the humans who used that technology are. Human error, not science or technology, is blamed. While Cowan offers that consumers act within the interests of their various social groups, Pinch and Collins offers that all science and technology has society at its centre....
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