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Su (Susan) Kim April 27, 2011 Use one of Castell’s examples (labor, space, time. ..) to reflect on the following: how is “virtual reality” integrated into the world’s social realities?” Virtual reality has both expanded the conception of that space that people around the world believe exist in relationships. In the modern era of the Internet and wireless communication, people build their own system to communicate to the masses. Castell draws on examples such as blogging, vlogging, Youtube, podcasting, and contributing to Wikipedia. Virtual spaces or Internet societies such as MySpace and facebook have expanded how people perceive societal interactions. Adding someone as a Facebook friend or sending them a birthday
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Unformatted text preview: invitation through Facebook is perceived as a societal interaction. Although personal websites offer individuals the chance for more frequent interactions, the value of that interaction has diminished. In addition, interactions on the Internet allows for anonymity. Anonymous blog comments, video pranks, and lightweight criticism may seem trivial and harmless, but this widespread practice of fragmentary, impersonal communication has demeaned interpersonal interaction. Communication in the modern age is often experienced as a supernatural phenomenon, reducing the value of the individual, thus reducing expectations of what a person is or who they may become....
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