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Su (Susan) Kim Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Weekly Response # 2 In Crisis, Latour attempts to debunk the myth of man as an opposite entity of nature. He presents the example of a newspaper article that interconnects multiple different disciplines; the hole in the ozone is not a problem exclusive to only scientists or politicians or industrialists. The issue of the ever-thinning ozone layer involves multiple field experts. It is subject to multiple interpretations with endless people offering their solution to the ozone dilemma. The article mixes the contribution of chemists who detect the ozone problem, of companies who may or may not be under speculation because of chemical byproducts, of industrialized countries who are getting involved with refrigerators and aerosols, and of politicians who must react to situation on hand. Latour offers that through daily paper, it is evident that “all of culture and all of nature get churned up again every day.” Bueno, in Culture Grace offers that culture necessarily stemmed from nature. He asserts
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