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Unformatted text preview: Su (Susan) Kim In Protagoras, Plato presents technology in a positive light. He portrays fire as a gift to man ultimately making man a “partaker of a divine portion.” Without fire, man was “naked, unshod, unbedded, unarmed…” but given fire, man was able to not only advance technologically, inventing dwellings, clothes, sandals, etc., but was also able to articulate speech and words that distinguish man from animals. In Ideas of Nature , the author proposes that the perceived separation between man and nature is a result of modern industry. In the capitalist economy, the industrial entrepreneur operates on nature to increase wealth. Advancement in technology has allowed men to alter nature in a consumable, marketable form. However, this idea is a falsehood – that “separation is a function of an increasing intimate relationship.” In actuality, man identifies with nature; the ideas of nature are actually the ideas of man projected onto nature. Thus, technological advancements, in their design or form, or use, resembles closely to nature. projected onto nature....
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