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AP Environmental Science Write up - Susan Kim Brianne...

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Susan Kim Brianne Sheetz Irene Cruz Cathy Kim AP Environmental Science: Solar House Lab Write up a. Reasons for the design and choice of building materials (why would this be good in this type of house)? We chose the slanted roof because flat roofs offer little or no ventilation. Slanted roofs allow for energy conservation whereas flat roofs usually absorb incredible amounts of heat. In colder temperatures, the flat roof allows in cold into the house. The slanted roof allows us to control the heating in the house as well as insulate the heat in the winter season. We also chose the color white because white reflects light, and thus it is easier to maintain cool temperatures within the house. Black poster board absorbs too much heat. The white laminated poster board reflects the heat into space, and thus we thought it would be easier to maintain temperatures. For the materials, we chose rubber (from the soles of old shoes) for insulation purposes. We modeled after the earth ships that used rubber tires. We also chose clay to insulate the last cover of our house because clay remains cool in the summer, but it is also very warm in the winter, keeping out heat in the summer and keeping in heat during the winter. We modeled our home after earth ships and after adobe designs. The insulation provided by
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AP Environmental Science Write up - Susan Kim Brianne...

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