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GRAMMAR PRACTICE Final Assessment: COLLECTIVE NOUNS: Write 5 collective nouns in the spaces below. ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ POSSESSIVE NOUNS: Rewrite each phrase, using the possessive form of the noun. 1. the ears of the dog ________________________________ 2. the claws of the cat________________________________ 3. the rattle of the baby________________________________ 4. the car of the teacher________________________________ 5. the toys of the babies ________________________________ 6. the engines of the cars________________________________ TERMS OF ADDRESS: How do you write each abbreviation? Doctor________________________________ Manager________________________________ Colonel________________________________ Lieutenant________________________________ Professor________________________________ Captain________________________________ PREPOSITIONS: Circle the correct preposition in parenthesis a. Did they growl (for at) you for breaking the window? b. The teacher was angry (with at) me. c. The pear fell (off for) the tree. d. The bottle is full (of with) water e. Karen fell (off into) the pool PRONOUNS: Circle the correct pronoun: a. The birds flew away when I scared (them those) b. That belongs to Ian; please give it back to (him he) c. Are you going to come with (I me)? d. Did (us you) get the milk? CONJUNCTIONS: Circle the conjunctions in the sentence below a. Mike did not come because he was feeling ill b.
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