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data analysis essay

data analysis essay - Lauren Lawson POLS 209-Kellam Lagging...

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Lauren Lawson POLS 209-Kellam March 10, 2011 Lagging Behind in the Race for Development: An Economic Development Data Analysis From the year 1960 to 2000, countries have continued to economically progress on a global scale. While more industrialized regions such as Western Europe, the United States and Australia have developed at a relatively fast pace, regions that are considered to be developing seem to lag behind. Yet within the developing world, differences in economic progression still vary greatly. In the following analysis, the data presented demonstrates the past and current economic state of Africa and the Middle East compared to the rest of the developing world- suggesting that Africa and the Middle East rank the lowest in development and economic progression. Many factors contribute to the measurement of a nation’s development, however, for simplicity sake, Gross Domestic Product per capita will be the variable used to measure economic development in this paper. The data used has been taken from Penn World Tables and is adjusted for inflation along with excluding all countries with a GDP per capita exceeding 5,000 USD; this excludes all countries, which were considered developed as of 1960, from being considered for comparison. Each graph and/or table presents the data in a different form; allowing the observer to examine numbers based on
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mode, range, median, and mean.
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