Quiz_1_INS - Principles of Marketing (MKT201): Quiz one:...

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Principles of Marketing (MKT201): Quiz one: Answer all the following multiple-choice questions: (15 marks) 1. You are preparing a combination of products, services, information, and experiences to a market to satisfy needs and wants. What are you preparing? a. value proposition b. demand satisfaction c. tactical plan d. marketing offer 2. Nothing happens until people buy something, and they cannot do so without access to products. Which of the following move the product from producer to buyers? a. financial intermediaries b. physical distribution firms c. marketing service firms d. resellers 3. ________ means managing markets to bring about profitable exchange relationships by creating value and satisfying needs and wants. a. Selling b. Promoting c. Marketing d. Relationship marketing 4. To practice the marketing concept, an organization must deliver the ________ better than competitors. a. desired satisfactions b. attractive prices c. level of service d. advertising campaign 5. Joan Darrah’s clothing store sells retro-fashion items to college
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Quiz_1_INS - Principles of Marketing (MKT201): Quiz one:...

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