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1 EE506 Semiconductor Physics Homework Assignment #3 Prof. Steve Cronin Due Oct 11, 2009 Pseudopotential Calculations: In this part of the assignment, you will have to run a pseudopotential software package called “ABINIT”. If you want to install the software on your personal computer, go to www.abinit.org and download the code. This is slightly complicated, and if you are not comfortable using UNIX, you can also create an account at www.nanohub.org and use the ABINIT package made available on that website. Registering on nanohub even allows you to use the supercomputer at Purdue to do your calculations. You should not use the Graphical User interface for ABINIT. Instead, writing an input script allows you to modify many options. You will also need to download the following files from Blackboard, included in the zip file graphene_and_nanotube.zip . - graphene.in - 6_0_nanotube.in - generate_cnt_cart.m - tube_info.m For problems 1-5, printout your modified Abinit and MatLab files, together with the output files. 1.) For the first part of the homework, you will calculate the energy band diagrams for graphene. An input file for graphene can be downloaded from blackboard (graphene.in). You should first run the calculation on graphene and plot the band
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Homework_3 - EE506 Semiconductor Physics Homework...

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