Cronin_EE506_Syllabus_2011 - EE506 Semiconductor Physics...

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EE506 – Semiconductor Physics University of Southern California Professor Steve Cronin ( Office: PHE 624 Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:50AM Office Hours: Thursday 11-1PM Course Website: Goals: This course will cover the semiconductor physics necessary to understand and design modern electronic and optical devices. A microscopic derivation of the important optical and electronic properties of semiconductors will be presented. The course begins with a treatment of the electronic states. This includes the tight-binding method and k p formalisms. Bulk materials, heterostructures and nanostructures will be treated within this formalism. Then doping and equilibrium carrier statistics will be covered. The equilibrium part of the course will be concluded with a discussion of lattice dynamics. The second part of the course will cover non-equilibrium behavior of semiconductors. Electron transport will be discussed in the framework of the Boltzmann transport
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Cronin_EE506_Syllabus_2011 - EE506 Semiconductor Physics...

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