AOD413A - AOD413A 40V P-Channel MOSFET General Description...

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Symbol V DS V GS I DM I AR E AR T J , T STG Symbol Typ Max 16.7 25 40 50 R θ JC 2 3 °C/W Thermal Characteristics Parameter Units Maximum Junction-to-Ambient A,G t 10s R θ JA °C/W °C/W Maximum Junction-to-Case F Steady-State T A =25°C P DSM T C =25°C Maximum Junction-to-Ambient A,G Steady-State Power Dissipation A Junction and Storage Temperature Range P D T C =100°C V ±20 Gate-Source Voltage Drain-Source Voltage A mJ I D Pulsed Drain Current C -12 -12 -30 -20 20 T A =70°C Power Dissipation B Avalanche Current C Repetitive avalanche energy L=0.1mH C Continuous Drain Current B,H Maximum Units Parameter T C =25°C T C =100°C -40 Absolute Maximum Ratings T A =25°C unless otherwise noted V °C 50 25 -55 to 175 W 2.5 1.6 AOD413A 40V P-Channel MOSFET Features V DS (V) = -40V I D = -12A (V GS = -10V) R DS(ON) < 44m (V GS = -10V) R DS(ON) < 66m (V GS = -4.5V) 100% UIS Tested 100% Rg Tested General Description The AOD413A uses advanced trench technology and design to provide excellent R DS(ON) with low gate charge. With the excellent thermal resistance of the DPAK package, this device is well suited for high current load applications. G D S TO252 DPAK Top View Bottom View G S D G S D
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AOD413A Symbol Min Typ Max Units BV DSS -40 V -1 T J =55°C -5 I GSS ±100 nA V GS(th) -1.7 -2 -3 V I D(ON) -30 A 36 44 T J =125°C 52 65 52 66 g FS 22 S V SD -0.76 -1 V I S -2.5 A C iss 900 1125 pF C oss 97 pF C rss 68 pF R g 14 Q g (-10V) 16.2 21 nC Q g (-4.5V) 7.2 9.4 nC Q gs 3.8 nC Q gd 3.5 nC t D(on) 6.2 ns t r 8.4 ns t D(off) 44.8 ns t f 41.2 ns t rr 21.2 ns Q rr 13.8 nC -20 COMPONENTS IN LIFE SUPPORT DEVICES OR SYSTEMS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED. AOS DOES NOT ASSUME ANY LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF SUCH APPLICATIONS OR USES OF ITS PRODUCTS. AOS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO IMPROVE PRODUCT DESIGN,
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AOD413A - AOD413A 40V P-Channel MOSFET General Description...

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