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A193 0.5mm Pitch SMT Board to Board Connector DF12 Series Features 1. Broad Variations of Stacking Height In addition to 0.5mm pitch ultra-miniature size connector, the stacking height of 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, and 5mm are provided. Note 1 : ( ** ) of the product name DF12# ( ** ) indicates the stacking height. Note 2 : The stacking height doesn't include the soldering paste thickness. [Stacking Height Variation] 2. Corresponding to Automatic Mounting The connector has the vacuum pick-up area to enable automatic mounting with the embossed tape packaging. 3. Metal Fitting Available The product including the metal fitting to prevent solder peeling is provided, considering the mounting on FPC. Applications Mobile phone, LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), Note PC Header/Receptacle DF12#(3.0)- * DS-0.5V DF12#- * DS-0.5V Combination stacking height Combination stacking height DF12#(3.0)- * DP-0.5V 3.0 ––––––– DF12#(3.5)- * DP-0.5V ––––––– 3.5 DF12#(4.0)- * DP-0.5V ––––––– 4.0 DF12#(5.0)- * DP-0.5V ––––––– 5.0 Stacking Height 3.0mm 3.5mm 4.0mm 5.0mm 10 contacts K ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– 14 contacts K ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– 20 contacts KKKK 30 contacts 32 contacts K ––––––– K ––––––– Number of Contacts 36 contacts 40 contacts 50 contacts 60 contacts 80 contacts K ––––––– ––––––– ––––––– Correspond to automatic mounting The vacuum pick-up area secures the automatic mounting machine for pick and place. The product information in this catalog is for reference only. Please request the Engineering Drawing for the most current and accurate design information. All non-RoHS products have been discontinued, or will be discontinued soon. Please check the products status on the Hirose website RoHS search at www.hirose-connectors.com, or contact your Hirose sales representative.
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A194 DF12 Series 0.5mm Pitch SMT Board to Board Connector Product Specifications Rating Current rating 0.3A Operating Temperature Range - 45 to + 125 ç (Note 1) Storage Temperature Range - 10 to + 60 ç (Note 2) Voltage rating 50V AC Operating Humidity Range - 40 to 80% Storage Humidity Range - 40 to 70% Note 1: Includes temperature rise caused by current flow. Note 2: The term "storage" refers to products stored for long period of time prior to mounting and use. Operating Temperature Range and Humidity range covers non conducting condition of installed connectors in storage, shipment or during transportation. Note 3: Information contained in this catalog represents general requirements for this Series. Contact us for the drawings and specifications for a specific part number shown. Ordering Information Material Product Part Material Finish Remarks DF12 # (**) - * DP - 0.5 V ( ** ) q Series Name : DF12 w Type e Stacking height 3.0 : 3.0mm Blank : 3.5 to 5.0mm r Number of Contacts : 10, 14, 20, 30, 32, 36, 40, 50, 60 ,80 (The 32 contacts connector includes the stacking height 3mm only.) t Connector Type DS : Double-row receptacle y Contact Pitch : 0.5mm u Contact Style V: Straight SMT i Packaging Type
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Hirose_SMT_B2B_Connector - The product information in this...

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