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Study Questions 2

Study Questions 2 - NPB 100 More STUDY QUESTIONS Winter...

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NPB 100 More STUDY QUESTIONS Winter 2011 1. Compare the problems that animals face in locating the source of a visual signal with the problems they face in locating the source of an acoustic signal. What aspects of these problems are inherent in the physics of light and sound, and what aspects are consequences of the evolutionary history of the animals you are considering? 2. Compare transduction of light in vertebrate rods with transmission of information at a chemical synapse that is equipped with G-protein-linked metabotropic receptors. 3. How does the structure of the central nervous system in adult vertebrates reflect the events of early embryonic development? 4. What is meant by the distinction between “activity-dependent” and “activity-independent” mechanisms during development of the nervous system? Give two examples of each. 5. “Vertebrates, arthropods, and nematodes have independent evolutionary histories, so their
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