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Unformatted text preview: From the Inside Out: From the Inside Out: How Your Own View of Reality Shapes Communication Goals Mental Models Provide an internal guide if they are clear images and are consistently used Have 2 dimensions if they are good: Complexity (for more linkages) Reminding (from more experiences) Both dimensions maximize the leader’s ability to “govern” the ideas of vision, mission, & strong set of values. Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham Dr. 2 Mental Models 3 Components: VISION – helps to see the picture of the future, that which the leader wants to create MISSION – helps focus energies & promote the use of resources regarding what is & is not important VALUES – define what really matters & remind leader of the standards to strive for in the realization of the mission and vision Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham Dr. 3 6 Types of Goals for Framing (are represented as defined) Task Goals ­ Relationship Goals – the usual things that are often indirectly expressed Identity Goals – the self­image presented in conversations Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham Dr. 4 6 Types of Goals for Framing, continued (are represented as defined) Short Term Goals – those steps taken towards achieving global goals Emergent Goals – intermediate goals that are set “on the spot” to support global goals Global/Long Term Goals ­ Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham Dr. 5 MENTAL MODELS X SPECIFIC CONTEXT(S) = COMMUNICATION GOAL(S) Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham Dr. 6 Goal Analysis Mager’s technique for the purpose of defining goals and making them tangible Assists in more clearly defining the task, relationship, and identity communication goals Clearer definitions allow leader to know when to be more or less ambiguous in goal statements Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham Dr. 7 Intentional Ambiguity Note the reasons for it and the examples of it, in the AOF Assists you in answering the question, “How specific should my various communication goals be, given the situation?” (1996, p. 37) Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham Dr. 8 ...
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