AOF3 VisionBased MQs Benchmarking

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Unformatted text preview: Vision­Based Framing Enabling People to See the World You See Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham Vision Statement • A vision statement is … of necessity, general in nature, with an aim to promote a unified diversity of interpretations. (1996, p. 51) • Check out Corporate Vision and the Deming and TQM example in AOF (1996, p. 53­60) Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 2 5 Basic Needs of Vision­Based Framing (to Effectively Communicate a Corporate Vision) 1) Understanding the new ideas 2) Seeing how the new ideas are relevant to one’s job 3) Feeling the enthusiasm of others, especially one’s boss, toward the new ideas 4) Seeing how the ideas fit with established programs and practices 5) Seeing the next steps in implementing the ideas Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 3 3 Varieties of the Ends of Vision 1) Vision Content 2) Vision Foundation 3) Connection of Programs & Strategies Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 4 3 Tools for Developing Mental Models 1) Miracle Questions – Questions about the future that helps define goals and discover hypothetical solutions to problems – Are NOT predictions Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 5 3 Tools for Developing Mental Models, continued 2) Exception Framing – Allowed for through miracle questioning so that obstacles to goals can be overcome Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 6 3 Tools for Developing Mental Models, continued 3) Continuous Benchmarking – Continuous process of analysis of vision, programs, strategies, and local contexts so you know where you are and where you want to be Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 7 Modes of Reasoning for Framing • Case­Based Reasoning –Leads to the framing of experience • Rule­Based Reasoning –Leads to the framing of rules or principles Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 8 ...
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