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Unformatted text preview: am 10 Understanding the Usefulness Understanding Complex Metaphors Answer – They allow you to influence They others on an unconscious level others If you tie the implied meaning(s) If of the metaphor(s) with others’ expected meanings expected Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 11 Complex Metaphors Complex The skill of finding them The is to learn through trial and error. and Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 12 Metaphors are essential Metaphors to your ability to think and to describe describe The power of metaphors is The that they help us with our framing strategies. framing Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 13 Jargon & Vision Jargon Top of Page 109 – Top What does that statement mean and why? why? Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 14 Stories Stories What role does a What story serve in leadership? leadership? Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 15 The role that a story serves in leadership is… leadership It is a central theme It whose meaning, using several meaning language forms (such as jargon, language metaphors, contrast, etc.), is established through an example. example Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 16 Mastery of Framing Tools Mastery Question: Why is it (mastery) Why advantageous? advantageous? Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 17 Mastery of Framing Tools Mastery “CHOOSING language to CHOOSING frame people’s actions, events is like moving a telescope into position.” (p.125) (p.125) Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 18...
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