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Joanne e nottingham 6 5 tools to use to build tools

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Unformatted text preview: ttingham 6 5 Tools To Use To Build Tools Memorable Framing Memorable Stories = concrete examples to make more real, through implicit assumptions that guide decisionassumptions making and action = help build rapport between help speaker and listener speaker = can be used to teach Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham Dr. 7 Question Question When does influence When become manipulation when using metaphors? when Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 8 Influence versus Manipulation Influence when using metaphors It’s a judgment call (when influence It’s becomes manipulation) that rests on your personal values personal Implied relationships (between your Implied language and behaviors, AND the expectations of others) must be carefully considered when you use metaphors considered Dr. Joanne E. Nottingham 9 Uncovering Complex Metaphors Uncovering Have many implied aspects that can Have form “an intricate organization of parallel elements” (p. 121) parallel Question: What does this mean? Dr. Joanne E. Nottingh...
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