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Section 002: TR 2 – 3:40 PM Bear 206 Course Schedule INSTRUCTOR Dr. Fletcher Norris E-mail: 133 Phone: (910) 962-3301 Office hours (BR 281) Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 AM – 12, and 1:30 – 2 PM and by appointment Introduction: Welcome to CSC 133, a course in discrete structures with an emphasis on applications to computer science. Prerequisite: MAT 111 or MAT 115 or equivalent. A basic understanding of discrete mathematical topics is fundamental for academic work in computer science. Many students of this course will find they have familiarity with some of the topics: for instance, truth tables, logical propositions, elements of set theory, as well as basic notions of functions and mathematical induction. Prior work in these areas is not assumed. In this course we will discover that logical propositions are the underlying model of discrete systems. From this modest beginning we develop algorithms and prove their efficacy. Topics include propositional and predicate logic, basic proof techniques, set algebra and Boolean algebra, recursion and induction, trees and graphs, introductory combinatorics, and matrix algebra. The knowledge gained will be extremely useful in upper level UNCWcomputer science classes. Text: Discrete Mathematics with Applications , by Susanna Epp, Second Edition, PWS. Errata. Material to be Covered: Lecutres/Homework Practice Quizzes Chapter Title Sections Chapter 1 Propositional Logic 1.1-1.5 Chapter 2 Predicate Logic 2.1-2.3 Chapter 3 Elementary Number Theory and Methods of Proof 3.1, 3.4, 3.6 Chapter 4 Sequences and Mathematical Induction 4.2, 4.3 Chapter 5 Set Theory
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CSC 133 - Syllabus - Norris - Section 002: TR 2 3:40 PM...

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