Syllabus - EDNL 200: Field Studies Fall 2010 Syllabus

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EDNL 200: Field Studies Fall 2010 Syllabus / Lab Instructors: Lorry Fitzpatrick, Dawn Scott, and Sally Timaeus EDNL 200: Field Studies (1): Co-Requisite EDN 200: Teacher, School and Society. The course is designed to provide for students considering a career in education, opportunities to observe and engage in reflective discussion of curriculum and instructional practices, school governance, and organization. Students will participate in one hour of field study or reflective seminar activities each week. A. Course Goals To encourage students through reflection and critical discussion to make explicit their beliefs about education and the role of a teacher, deepening their understanding of curricular theory and pedagogical approaches. To encourage students to observe and participate in a variety of educational activities, enhancing their awareness of the realities of and relationship between the school organizational environment and classroom settings. To afford real life opportunities for students to develop their abilities in performing interpretive, normative and critical analysis of educational issues. B. Course Requirements and Expectations Students are required to participate in a variety of activities including: in reflective seminar discussions which relate to educational issues. viewing and discussing videos on various learning environments, teaching practices, and educational issues, and online and field-based research on issues and services impacting schools Students will use structured guidelines and to generate detailed field notes, prepare critical reflective analysis reports of observations and seminar discussions, and generate a personal reflection of their educational
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Syllabus - EDNL 200: Field Studies Fall 2010 Syllabus

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