KIN 448 Exam 1 Review - KIN 448 Exam 1 Review 1. What are...

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KIN 448 Exam 1 Review 1. What are behavioral medicine, health psychology, and exercise psychology? What are the similarities and what are the differences? Behavioral medicine is an integration of behavioral, psychosocial, and biomedical factors (nutrition, smoking, sex, exercise, seat belt use, etc). It looks at how psychosocial aspects and social aspects affect behavior and vice versa and how those cause effects at the cellular level. It focuses on health and illness. Health psychology focuses on psychosocial and behavioral factors (what people do in their psychological and social environments). Promotion and maintenance of health; causation, prevention, and treatment of illness. Exercise psychology is the application of educational, scientific, and professional contributions of psychology to the study of antecedents and consequences of behaviors related with physical work capacity (PA and exercise). Studying how psychological behaviors affect the exercise process an how exercise affects psychological outcomes. Behavioral encompasses health and exercise psych. Health psych can encompass exercise psych. Behavioral looks at application and at biomedical factors and health psych does not. Behavioral also had an interdisciplinary field of professionals—doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, kinesiologists, psych, etc. Health psych professionals are Psychologists. 2. What are physical activity, exercise, and physical fitness? What are the similarities and differences among the terms? Physical activity is any bodily movement produced by contraction of skeletal muscles that results in a substantial increase in energy expenditure above resting levels—(characterized by mode, intensity, duration) Exercise is a subset of PA and is planned, structured, and repetitive PA that improves or maintains fitness. Exercise is goal-oriented. (Frequency, Intensity, Type, Time) Physical fitness is a characteristic of an individual, not a behavior. It reflects the capacity of the body to do physical work.
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KIN 448 Exam 1 Review - KIN 448 Exam 1 Review 1. What are...

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