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ME 3222 – Spring 2011 Name: Homework Set #1 Due: Feb. 4, 2011 1. Erdman et al. Problem 1.4 In addition to the problem instructions, draw the kinematic skeleton diagram of this linkage. Also, number the links and letter the joints of the mechanism. 2. The kinematic skeleton diagram of the hoist mechanism used on a Schwing KVM 52 truck mounted concrete pump is illustrated below. The dimensions have been distorted to clarify the links and joints, but the kinematic skeleton is otherwise accurate. Number all links and letter all joints of the mechanism. (If you should run out of letters of
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Unformatted text preview: the alphabet, feel free to start over with double letters; i.e., “aa”, “bb”, etc.) Determine the degrees of freedom of the mechanism. (Include any links appropriately associated with the hydraulic power cylinders. Please show your work for determining the degrees of freedom.) 3. Erdman et al. Problem 1.36, Fig. P1.49 Also, number the links of the mechanism. 4. List two linkages that you can find in “real life” applications. Draw their kinematic skeleton diagram. Number the links and letter the joints. Identify their task (path, motion or function generation)....
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