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ME 3222 – Spring 2011 Name: Homework Set #2 Due February 11, 2011 1. Erdman et al. Problem 8.12. 2. Erdman et al. Problem 8.15. 3. Erdman et al. Problem 8.20(a). 4. Design a four-bar motion generator to carry a garage door through the three positions illustrated on the sketch provided below. (The garage door itself will serve as the coupler link.) Use the graphical synthesis method. Try to keep both moving pivots close to the back surface of the door panel. Both ground pivots must fall inside the garage. (The
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Unformatted text preview: ground pivots may be located on the garage wall.) Please apply solution rectification to all of the above problems. Please show enough of your construction lines to enable the grader to follow your construction. Clearly identify the actual links of your solution four-bar at the first position, so we can differentiate them from your construction lines. Show the calculations associated with solution rectification....
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