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ME 3222 – Spring 2011 Name: Homework Set #3 Due February 18, 2011 1. Two different two precision synthesis programs have been made available from the course web page under URL: http://www.me.umn.edu/courses/me3222/homework/hw3 One is written in C++ 1 . The second is written in MATLAB . Please download the program of your choice to your own ITlabs account (or your own personal computer, if you have a good C++ compiler or MATLAB installed) and compile and run it 2 . Demonstrate that it works correctly by re-generating the two dyads developed as examples of 2 PP analytical synthesis in the third discussion section; i.e., the analytical solution to the conveyor belt mechanism problem. Please turn in a listing of a run showing the output for each dyad ( A and B ). (You will expand this program to a three point synthesis program in Homework Set 4. You can use this program as the foundation for building a 3 precision position synthesis program for your project.) 2. Solution to a two-precision position motion generation problem using analytical synthesis
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