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ME 3222 – Spring 2011 Name: Homework Set #6 Due March 25, 2011 1. The mechanism illustrated below (drawn actual size) is driven by rotating the driver link at a rate of 2.00 rad/s clockwise . Determine the velocity of point E using graphical (relative) velocity analysis. 2. Text Problem 3.15(a) 3. The angular velocity of link 2 in the linkage illustrated below is: ω 2 =
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Unformatted text preview: − 5 . 00 rad / sec Determine the angular velocity of link 5, 5, using the relative velocity method. 4. Text Problem 3.30(a) Note: Please clearly show all equations which are associated with your velocity polygons. Please clearly label every vector in your velocity polygons. Please draw the velocity polygons largely enough to yield good accuracy for your final answer....
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