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ME 3222 – Spring 2011 Name: Homework Set #10 Due April 29, 2011 Note for Problems 1-3: Please use the method for determining bearing life which was presented in lecture and used in the Tikmen bearing catalogs. This will produce different answers than the methods described in Chapter 14 of Juvinall & Marshek. Please use the 3 .
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Unformatted text preview: 8 . 3. Juvinall & Marshek Problem 14.2 3 D. 4. Juvinall & Marshek Prob. 15.2 9 . 5. Erdman et al. Prob. 7.2. 6. Erdman et al. Prob. 7.15 (a). 7. A planetary gear train intended for use in an automatic transmission is illustrated below. In the configuration shown, sun gear 4 is clamped to ground. Sun gear 1 is driven by the engine at 2000 RPM CCW when viewed from the right. Determine the output speed and sense (as viewed from the right) of sun gear 5....
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