Essay14 - 1 ME5446 Essay 14 CHEMICAL REACTIONS IN A FLOWING...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ME5446 Essay 14 CHEMICAL REACTIONS IN A FLOWING FLUID Applications such as jet propulsion and terrestrial gas-turbine power plants involve combustion in pipe-like reactors. These situations motivate the analysis that will be conveyed in this essay. A cylindrical combustion chamber is pictured in the diagram below. Gaseous reactants A and B enter the combustion chamber with respective mass flow rates A m & and B m & and with temperature T and pressure p . The gaseous mixture is ignited immediately downstream of the inlet. The stoichiometric reaction is dD cC bB aA + + ( 1 ) The flowing gaseous mixture continues to react as it passes along the length of the combustion chamber. The goal of the analysis is to determine the velocity, temperature, and pressure at the exit of the combustion chamber. For aircraft jet engines, a knowledge of the velocity is especially important because it is a key factor in the propulsion and thrust provided by the engine. The analysis is built on the conservation laws of nature. They are: (a) Conservation of mass for the flowing gas mixture (b) Conservation of mass for each of the participating chemical compounds (c) Conservation of momentum (Newtons Second Law) (d) Conservation of energy (First Law of Thermodynamics) Conservation of Mass for the Flowing Gas Mixture As a necessary first step in the derivation of the mixture mass conservation, it is necessary to define the mixture velocity. Attention will be focused on flow in the x-direction for which the velocity of the 2...
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Essay14 - 1 ME5446 Essay 14 CHEMICAL REACTIONS IN A FLOWING...

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