ME 3332 Spring 2011 HW#7-8

ME 3332 Spring 2011 HW#7-8 - ME 3332 Spring 2011 HW...

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ME 3332 Spring 2011 HW #7&8 A &B Assigned- Monday, March 1st, 2010 Due- Monday, March 21st, 2010 @ 5:30pm (STSS 220) Source Material: Class Notes, 5.1-5.4 “Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics” th or 6 th edition). Please Show All Work and Follow the Format given on the course website for Type B Problems Type A. Section 5.2 of “Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics” by Munson, Young, th or 6 th edition). 1. A fluid of density ρ enters a tube with cross sectional of A 1 at a velocity V 1 , and after turning an angle θ it leaves at a velocity V 2 from a tube of area A 2 , as shown below. What are the magnitude and the direction of the force, F R , necessary to hold these tubes stationary? Neglect the weight of the fluid. V 1 , A 1 V 2 , A 2 F R =? θ 2. Consider flow through a very long straight section of a round pipe. The speed of the flow, V , through the pipe varies along the radial, r , direction by the equation V = V max (1-r 2 /R 2 ) where V max is a constant and R is the pipe radius. Determine the equation for the momentum flux (rate of momentum transfer per unit of pipe cross-sectional area) through the pipe in the terms of the given variables.
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3. Water is accelerated by a nozzle to an average speed of 20 m/s, and strikes a stationary vertical plate at a rate of 10 kg/s with a normal velocity, V 1 of 20 m/s. After hitting the plate, the water splatters off in all directions in the plane of the plate. Determine the force needed to prevent the plate from moving horizontally due to the water stream, F R . V
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ME 3332 Spring 2011 HW#7-8 - ME 3332 Spring 2011 HW...

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