quiz1 - Physics 213/223 Quiz 1 4:30 PM Sept 2 2011 T Bolton...

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Physics 213/223, Quiz 1 4:30 PM, Sept. 2, 2011 T. Bolton Name Instructions. Print and sign your name on this quiz and on your scantron card. In doing so, you are acknowledging the KSU Honor Code: “On my honor as a student I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment.” For two quick points, circle your studio instructor: Nemzer(TU 7:30) Bolton(TU 9:30) Nemzer(TU 11:30) Le(TU 1:30) Laurent(TU 3:30) Pavlov(WF 7:30) Pavlov(WF 9:30) Von Kor f (WF 11:30) Work alone and answer all questions. Part I questions must be answered on the Scantron cards. Putyournameonyourcard . Co lorinthecorrectboxcomp lete lyforeveryanswerw ithapenc i l . If you make a mistake, erase thoroughly. Don’t forget to color in the boxes for your WID. If we have to correct this by hand we may take o f f ve points from your score! Part II must be answered in the space provided on the test. The last page is a detachable equation sheet. You may use a calculator. You may ask the proctors questions of clari f cation. Show your work in a clear and organized manner. You may receive partial credit for partial solutions. Solutions lacking supporting calculations will receive no points. Kirk Schulz here. I cannot believe that Bolton is giving an exam before Labor Day. Too bad he’s not leaving the Big 12 with A&M. Well, good luck on Quiz 1, and remember, I did not hire this guy. See you at the game tomorrow! Come help cheer us on to victory over . ..well, whoever these guys are that we’re playing!
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Part I: Multiple choice questions to be answered on your Scantron card (45 points total). 10 5 0 5 10 15 01234 The f rst six questions refer to the graph above showing the velocity vs. time for a light, large surface area object launched straight up in the air from the edge of the roof of a building in such a way that it can fall all the way to the ground. . The vertical scale gives the velocity in m/s and the horizontal scale the time in s. A time interval of 0.05 s separates each symbol.
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quiz1 - Physics 213/223 Quiz 1 4:30 PM Sept 2 2011 T Bolton...

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