Ch. 2 HW - Ch.2 Practice questions Multiple Choice...

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Ch.2 Practice questions: Multiple Choice Questions: 1) In an organism with 52 chromosomes, how many bivalents would be expected to form during meiosis? A) 52 B) 26 C) 13 D) 104 E) 208 2) In a healthy male, how many sperm cells would be expected to be formed from a) 400 primary spermatocytes, b) 400 secondary spermatocytes? A) a-800, b-800 B) a-1600, b-1600 C) a-1600, b-800 D) a-400, b-400 E) a-100, b-800 3) In a healthy female, how many secondary oocytes and first polar bodies would be expected to form from 100 primary oocytes? A) 200,50 B) 100,50 C) 200,300 D) 100,100 E) 50,50 4) If the G1 somatic cell nucleus in a female insect contains 2 picograms of DNA, how much DNA would be expected in the metaphase I cycle of the same cell? A) 16 picograms B) 32 picograms C) 8 picograms D) 4 picograms E) None of the above 5) What is the outcome of synapsis? A) side-by-side alignment of nonhomologous chromosomes B) dyad formation C) monad movement to opposite poles
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D) side-by-side alignment of homologous chromosomes E) chiasma segregation 6) Which of the following occur in meiosis but NOT in mitosis? I. Separation of sister chromatids on microtubules II. Pairing of homologous chromosomes III. Recombination between sister chromatids A) I only B) II only C) I and II D) II and III 7) If cells are blocked in meiotic metaphase II and prevented from moving on in
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Ch. 2 HW - Ch.2 Practice questions Multiple Choice...

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