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B490 Assignment 1 - Mobley

B490 Assignment 1 - Mobley - Running head COMPREHENSIVE...

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Running head: COMPREHENSIVE CASE ANALYSIS 1 Netflix, Inc. Patrick Mobley BUS490 January 23, 2012
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COMPREHENSIVE CASE ANALYSIS 2 Netflix, Inc The purpose of this paper is to examine Netflix, Inc. Netflix, Inc is the world's leading Internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows. Netflix members in the Americas, United Kingdom and Ireland can instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed over the Internet to PCs, Macs and TVs. Among the large and expanding base of devices streaming from Netflix are: Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PS3 consoles; an array of Blu-ray disc players, Internet-connected TVs, home theater systems, digital video recorders and Internet video players; Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; Android and Windows tablets and phones; and Apple TV and Google TV. In all, more than 700 devices that stream from Netflix are available. (Netflix.com, 2012) Existing Objectives and Strategies Netflix was launched in 1997, prior to the rise and market penetration of DVD's. Though risky, this put Netflix far ahead of competitors who have since imitated but have not been able to improve on the Netflix model. The result is that Netflix leads the online subscription business with a high degree of customer loyalty and satisfaction. As a web-based rental business, Netflix, Inc. uses an existing strategy of Intensive Strategies (David, F., 2011). Netflix, Inc uses market penetration strategy, which seeks to increase share for present products or services in present markets, through greater marketing efforts. They use this strategy in combination with market development. Market development involves introducing present products or services into new geographic areas. Netflix delivers unique value to buyers, attracting buyers on more than just low price.
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B490 Assignment 1 - Mobley - Running head COMPREHENSIVE...

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