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Business 690 9-28-2011 Concepts: Pg. 74 Figure 3.1 Framework for competitiveness Follow this framework when making your analysis Looking at a particular company i.e. Solyndra/HP Go from Left to right on the analysis Internal Analysis looks at resources company has Tangible (Financial) Balanced Scorecard) Executives brought in with knowledge of industry Capabilities Core Competencies How they developed  Solyndra – specific cylindrical panel to collect light
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Unformatted text preview: Cost Leadership Chinese v. solyndra Chinese are able to charge less Focused Cost Leadership Motel-6 Focus is hotels/motels across from highways Diversification (Pg. 160) Page 160 Figure 6.1 explains it very well Diversification is how you apply corporate level strategy • GE – Related link, Moderate to High levels of diversification • United Technologies –Very High levels of diversification...
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