MKTG 649 CHAPTER 10 NOTES - Marketing 649 Marketing...

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Marketing 649 Marketing Management 9-29-2011 Chapter 10 Setting Product Strategy What is a Product? A product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need,  including physical goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places,  properties, organizations, information, and ideas. Figure 10.1 Five Product Levels Product Classification Schemes Durability Tangibility Use Durability and Tangibility
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Nondurable goods —tangible goods normally consumed in one or a few uses. Durable goods —tangible goods that survive many uses. Services —intangible, inseparable, variable, and perishable products. Consumer-Goods Classification Convenience goods —usually purchased frequently, immediately, and with little  effort. (newspapers, candy, fast food) Starbucks – little effort, find what you are looking for Shopping goods —consumer compares on the basis of suitability, quality, price,  and style. (furniture, cars, appliances) Specialty goods —unique characteristics or brand identification for which a  sufficient number of buyers are willing to make a special purchasing effort.  (Medical services, designer  clothes, high end electronics) Unsought goods —consumers don’t know about or don’t normally think of  buying. (Insurance, funeral services) Industrial-Goods Classification Materials and parts— goods that enter the manufacturer’s product completely. Anything used to make a product Capital items— long-lasting goods that facilitate developing or managing the  finished product.
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MKTG 649 CHAPTER 10 NOTES - Marketing 649 Marketing...

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