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Name: Hellums, Jessica UTEID: JSH575 T/TH 2:30 Finklea Problems and Questions for Chapter 3 Material C2: Homologs are two chromosomes of the same type. They have the same shape because they have the same centromere position and they have the same genes in the same locations, but may differ in alleles at those genes. (So the nucleotide sequence is not identical but similar). Humans have 23 homologous pairs (46 chromosomes). C10: Homologs arrange at the metaphase plate in metaphase I of meiosis randomly due to the way that spindle fibers attach to the kinetochores of the homologs. The homologous pairs are synapsed together and moving around the cell at random. When they come in contact with a spindle fiber, it attaches. This happens until the attachment is done correctly. Correct attachment to spindle fibers means that both kinetochores of one homolog are attached to spindle fibers from the same
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Unformatted text preview: pole and the other two kinetochores of the other homolog are attached to spindle fibers from the opposite pole. Because of this random attachment, the paternal and maternal homologs are randomly aligned and therefore what pole they may be going to is random. A1: a. Cell stage/type # chromosomes # chromatids Ploidy Metaphase I 12 24 2n / diploid Prophase II 6 12 2n / diploid G1 after mitosis 12 12 2n / diploid G2 before mitosis 12 24 2n / diploid Ovum 6 6 n / haploid Zygote in G1 12 12 2n / diploid b. Mitosis is used for repair of damaged cells or to replace cells that are dead. It is used in wound repair and in order to become multicellular from a single cell. Meiosis is used to make diploid cells haploid gametes in an animal, or haploid spores in a plant. A2: The resulting gamete will be 2n, or 46 chromosomes....
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