LOG 301 Spring 2011 Module 1 Case

LOG 301 Spring 2011 Module 1 Case - TUI UNIVERSITY...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Christopher Clark LOG 301 Intro to Supply Chain Management Module 1 Case Assignment Dr. Michael Allison April 25, 2011 Can anticipatory logistics work in the corporate world? Why or why not? Supply chain management is the driving factor of the supply chain process, and is one of the most important factors in the business world today. Products originating from raw materials, international sales shape the foundation in which a supply chain is built and has complex and significant contributions to the overall success. A customer’s demands and requirements need to have special attention paid to them to ensure that orders are accurately shipped, arrive on time
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undamaged, and with the correct specifications as designed. SCM is essential to minimizing the amount of access inventory and cut the unnecessary cost associated with logistics. In today’s society business is at a new level, utilizing the world’s vast resources of technology. Anticipatory Logistics is just one of those resources that has been placed at the fingertips of the corporate world. Anticipatory logistics allows for parts to never go under stocked thus providing the customers with the parts desired all the time. With societies need for things at a drop of a dime this system fits the criteria to get the job done. One of the largest organizations to implement and use the theory of anticipatory logistics is the military. In this paper I will analyze both SCM and AL and note their contributions to the military as well as the corporate world. Supply Chain Management Real-time predictions of what a customer desires and the expedited and accurate delivery of goods to the customer are a direct reflection of the SCM process. Supply Chain Management Review published in 1988, by Peter Metz defines SCM as a “process-oriented integrated approach to producing, procuring, and delivering products and services to customers.” Supply
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LOG 301 Spring 2011 Module 1 Case - TUI UNIVERSITY...

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