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LOG 301 Spring 2011 Module 1 SLP

LOG 301 Spring 2011 Module 1 SLP - TUI UNIVERSITY...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Christopher Clark LOG 301 Intro to Supply Chain Management Module 1 Session Long Project Dr. Michael Allison April 25, 2011 The Army: Primary Function For the session long projects I would like to analyze the U.S. Army and its supply chain operations. The U.S. Army is an organization that is controlled by the federal government. The primary functions of The Army, as outlined in Department of Defense Directive 5100.1, are to organize, equip, and train forces for the conduct of prompt and sustained combat operations on land. Accordingly, The Army must possess the capability to defeat enemy land forces and to seize, occupy, and defend land areas. Additionally, we must be capable of conducting air and missile defense, space and space control operations, and joint amphibious and airborne operations. These capabilities require the support of special operations forces, the operation of
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land lines of communication, and civil programs prescribed by law. These primary functions and
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