LOG 301 Spring 2011 Module 3 Case

LOG 301 Spring 2011 Module 3 Case - TUI UNIVERSITY...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Christopher Clark LOG 301 Intro to Supply Chain Management Module 3 Case Assignment Dr. Michael Allison From a logistical standpoint, why is the southern U.S. an attractive location for the auto industry? With any organization or enterprise a large part of the success can be attributed to the where the business is located. Finding the right location can take time and needs to be conducted with care to ensure that the business will be established in a location that provides them with the proper access and transportation capabilities, so that the business may last for years. If the time
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is not taken and the special attention detail is not paid it may cost the company more money to move to better suitable location in the future. This paper will explain and discuss why the Southern United States from a logistical standpoint is the right place for business to base their operations out of. Explaining why the transportation aspect is one of the most critical and crucial aspects of the logistics operations for many companies nationwide. This paper will also explain the other processes that are a major part of the supply chain process. Transportation The southern U.S. is an attractive location for the automobile industry because of the large amount of cities that provide a sounder infrastructure for the various methods of transportation, especially the waterways. The majority of the cities in the south are friendly to the logistic community. The various metro areas that are provided by the south cover three out of the four major areas of transportation which are road, rail, air, and water. All of these methods of
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LOG 301 Spring 2011 Module 3 Case - TUI UNIVERSITY...

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