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MAT 101 Module 3 SLP - point and three point shots So in...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Christopher Clark MAT 101 College Mathematics Module 3 Session Long Project Dr. Gennadiy Kuleshov February 21, 2011 Create your system of linear equations then write a brief paper describing the system.  Is this a consistent  system or inconsistent system? So I played in a basketball game and we scored 80 points in a game, we made a total of 40 two
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Unformatted text preview: point and three point shots. So in order to find out how many 2 point and three point shots we made the equations would look like this So let x= the number of 2 point shots and let y=the number of 3 point shots. 2X+3Y=80 THIS IS THE EQUATION FOR THE TOTAL POINTS SCORED. X+Y=40 THIS THE EQUATION FOT THE TOTAL NUMBER OF BASKETS. This is a consistant system of equations....
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