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Metaphors, foreshadowing, allusions and graphic description are all key roles in the understanding, and over all comprehension of the written word. We are faced to paint our own pictures and conjure a conclusion from many stories that have been written. The same applies to the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor. “A Good Man is Hard to Find” begins with the grandmother who is never named throughout the story, telling her son and his family they should not go to Florida for their trip but instead they should go to where there “roots” are in East Tennessee. The Grandmother seemed to be selfish and wanted things her way and was relentless in the pursuit of getting her way and going to where she wanted to go. The Grandmother also seemed to be manipulative with her son and also the grandchildren. So, once the started on their journey to Florida the grandmother began telling the children John Wesley and June Star about how a man when she was younger used to try and court her by sitting watermelons on her porch with the initials E.A.T in them. Then one day she didn’t receive the watermelon and noticed that a little Negro boy had eaten it. As they were driving they stopped at Red Sammy’s Famous Barbeque which was supposed to be the best barbeque place around. While they waited for their meals the Grandmother spoke with Red Sammy about the Misfit that had been on the loose from the penitentiary. Red Sammy made the comment that “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and the grandmother agreed with him. After the family finished their meal and they were back on the road the Grandmother began telling the children about a house that she remembered visiting as a child and that is was huge house and the people who had lived there had secret place where they kept all of their silver but no one could find it. So John Wesley and June Star wanted to go that house that had a secret stash of silver in it. Their father Bailey, the grandmothers son did not want to have to veer off of the road to see
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New Microsoft Word Document (2) - Metaphors, foreshadowing,...

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