OPM300 Module 1 case

OPM300 Module 1 case - TUI UNIVERSITY Christopher Clark...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Christopher Clark OPM300- Intro to Operations Management Module 1 Case Assignment Dr. Edward Sawyer From your knowledge of restaurants and from the case itself, identify how each of the 10 decisions of operations management (from PowerPoint 1) is applied at Hard Rock Cafe. How would you determine the productivity of the kitchen staff and wait staff at Hard Rock? The Hard Rock Café as we all know is themed around rock music. They offer an array of many types of rock memorabilia at all its branches throughout the world. Hard Rock Café first opened in 1971 and then rapidly expanded and has recently moved around the world to many different locations. The hard Rock Café follows the 10 operations management principles in this way. As with many companies the Hard Rock Café is no different they have to market themselves to all markets so that they are able to maximize profits. By doing so and expanding on their Design of goods and services they have to test, and analyze different costs, different
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ingredients for their meal preparation and also allowing for their customers to sample food to ensure that the quality lives up to the name. They also use surveys to find out and touch base with its customers; by using the feedback from the surveys the Hard Rock Café is able to
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OPM300 Module 1 case - TUI UNIVERSITY Christopher Clark...

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