OPM300 module 3 case assignment

OPM300 module 3 case assignment - TUI UNIVERSITY...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Christopher Clark OPM300- Intro to Operations Management Module 3 Case Assignment Dr. Edward Sawyer Product Lifecycles are typically the life span a product should have before they are phased out or a newer model becomes available for purchase. Product Life Cycles mainly consist of four stages, which are introductory, growth, maturity and decline. Each one of the four stages contributes to the marketing, the competition, product, the overall price, and the promotion of the line or new trend. Regal Marine has a constant pressure to introduce and produce new products. So at Regal Marine thy had a product life cycle of just a few years , less than 5 years before a boat was out of style. When the product life cycle is implemented and applied at Regal Marine they continually introduce new products to a line that has been already established. As of right now the Regal Marine product line consists of 22 different models in which all of them have different product life cycles because new models were being added to the line as others neared
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the end of their life cycle. To begin the product life cycle Regal Marine reached out to the
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OPM300 module 3 case assignment - TUI UNIVERSITY...

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