OPM300 module 4 reflective essay

OPM300 module 4 reflective essay - to engage in more...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Christopher Clark OPM 300 Operational Management Module 4 Reflective Essay Dr. Edward Sawyer I learned a lot form this class and took away some truly valuable information that will aid me in the rest of my college studies. I learned the principles of operational management are very important to the business world and how a company is operating. I learned that citations are important and are needed to give credit to the people who wrote the material you are sampling. I really enjoyed this class. Dr. Portuese was an informative teacher and always responded to issues immediately He also provided useful feedback to every threaded discussion allowing for people
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Unformatted text preview: to engage in more fruitful conversation about the issues at hand. TUI, I feel has only one flaw and that is the fact they do not use hardcover books and I feel that this is a big must because a hard book or even an e-book would make the learning experience so much better and allow for people who don’t truly understand a subject to get it a little better because some people are not to just work on their own and comprehend what it is that a teacher is asking them to do or accomplish. Other than that the school is great I get my answers on time....
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OPM300 module 4 reflective essay - to engage in more...

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