Week 4 AC564 Group B - Planning Phase Work Program The...

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Planning Phase Work Program The responsibility of the planning phase is to gather the information of the different areas where it suggests discrepancies on activities. The following is the planning work program for operational review for the WorldCom case . Organizational Structure Determine an organizational chart with the specific functions of each department a. Does an Organization Chart available? b. Document Duties and Responsibilities of each employee. Analyze the Corporate culture of the organization, the morals, the value and the beliefs of the organizations a. How employees feel about their cultural environment, and their expectations. b. Determine what are the authority and the responsibility clearly and identify and understood by all personal. Functions of Board of Directors comply with the organizational strategy and decision making for the organization goals. a. Are members familiar with the internal control and structure of the organization? b. Is there any contact or any ways of communications between the board members and staff? Internal Control Review the Company policies and procedures for each of the different areas and how those procedures are applied. Review the use of computer programs adapted to the type of business and satisfies the control of the procedures. Analyze the position of internal audit and the Implementation of Internal control to prevent and detect fraudulent activities. a.
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Week 4 AC564 Group B - Planning Phase Work Program The...

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