Week 6 Assignment Audit - Which fraud flow and specific...

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Which fraud flow and specific steps did the fraudster manipulate and how will the new processes installed deter, detect, or prevent this from recurring? Travel and expense reimbursement schemes may seem like they are an easy fraud to commit. However, the ongoing problem is that people end up getting greedy and getting caught. Then eventually fraudster’s greed leads them to becoming sloppy, and then they believe that the fraud being committed will continue to go unnoticed. This was the case in the article “Fashioning a Fraud” by Bethmara Kessler. In this article, “Bobbie Jean Donnelly was a fraudster who used Travel and Expense reimbursements to defraud her company”. Bobbie Jean Donnelly was an Assistant for a design division in a retail corporation. She quickly figured out how to manipulate her travel and expense reimbursements to eventually defraud her company of more than $200,000. This she worked for did have internal fraud proper controls in place for travel and expense reimbursements. Donnelly was eventually suspected and an internal investigation because was conducted
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Week 6 Assignment Audit - Which fraud flow and specific...

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