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african amer his test 1 - 1. Pyramid was built 2. The...

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1. Ancestral homeland of black America? 2. Define Homoerectus, Homohabilis, and Homosapiens 3. Describe multiregional model 4. Describe the out of Africa Model 5. Describe Eve Hypothesis 6. Tell the earliest civilization in Africa 7. 3 things about the Nile River 8. Who gave Egypt the name “gift of the nile?” Greek Herodotus 9. How many dynasties ruled Egypt? 31 10. List 3 accomplishments of the Old Kingdom
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Pyramid was built 2. The development of a writing system called hieroglyphics 3. The first dynasty 11. What was the original meaning of pharaoh? Big house or Great house 12. Name things about Imhotep 1. After death he got the name of God of medicine 2. Built the first pyramid for Zoser 13....
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