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Deviance -any behavior, belief, or condition that violates social norms in the society or group in which it occurs: -drinking too much -robbing a bank -laughing at a funeral What is social control? -practices that social groups develop to encourage conformity to norms, rules, and laws and to discourage deviance. -Internal social control takes place when individuals internalize norms and values and follow these norms and values in their lives -external social control involves negative sanctions that proscribe certain behaviors and punish rule breakers FUNCTIONALIST PERSPECTIVE (Durkiem) -Deviance clarifies rules -deviance unites a group -deviance promotes social change Merton’s strain theory of deviance Mode method Conformity accepts approved goals, pursues them through approved means Innovation
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Unformatted text preview: accepts approved goals, uses disapproved means Ritualism abandons societys goals, conforms to approved means Retreatism abandons approved goals and approved means Rebellion challenges approved gaols and approved means Opportunity theory-sociologists Richard Cloward & Lloyd Ohlin suggested that for deviance to occur, people must have access to illegitimate opportunity structures:-circumstances that provide an opportunity for ppl to acquire through illegitimate activities what they cannot achieve through legitimate channels Theory key elements Strain theory deviance occurs when approved means of reaching approved goals is blocked Opportunity theory lower-class delinquents subscribe to middleclass values they cant attain. They may achieve goals illegitimately...
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