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Unformatted text preview: prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. Test ID: 2087 2 ID: 14396 Downloader 6 39 14 : ID er ad lo wn Do 20 : ID st Te er ad lo wn Do ID w Do : 6 39 14 208 Tes 39 : 7 t ID: 6 14 ID ANT 253 H1F Language and Society Test 2 (1 December 2009) — VERSION A er ad lo wn Do : 39 14 6 Circle the best answer to each of the following questions (questions 17 to 20): ID er ad lo wn Do 17. Which of the below statements is FALSE? 87 20 : ID st Te a. In an imaginary language, the word for the English verb “sleep” is /dorma/ among men, but /duarmo/ among women. This is an example of a gender-coded doublet. [p. 116] b. In Roman Jakobson’s typology of language functions, the exclamation “Don’t touch that!” would have the conative function of startling the listener and deterring her/him from touching a particular object. [p. 145] c. Stephan is learning to speak Spanish. He notices that Spanish nouns are gendered, and that many nouns that are associated with intelligence are feminine, such as “cabeza” (“head”), “intelectualidad” (“intelligentsia”), and “agudeza” (“shrewdness”). These are examples of Jungian archetypes. [p. 154] Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 d. Neve has just been elected Chairman of the Department of Linguistics at a particular university. His first executive act is to eliminate the gendered terminology of his position, and to title himself the “Chair” rather the “Chairman” in order to discourage the acceptability of androcentric vocabulary (i.e. vocabulary that treats maleness as the default gender for positions of authority). This is an example of linguistic activism. [p. 119] 87 ID : 20 20 87 st Te Te st : ID : 20 87 7 t ID: 208 Te st ID Tes Marcel Danesi observes that in Western society “the high premium that we put on identifying women by their relationship (past or present) with men” is evident in a variety of social and linguistic phenomena. Which of the following scenarios is NOT an illustration of this observation? [pp. 117-120] 20 87 ID : 2087 st ID: r wn lo Do Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 ad e 2087 Test ID: Hestia is ge...
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