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See pp 120 121 6 er id 87 down 1439 87 20 load id st

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Unformatted text preview: st Te Down load er ID: 1439 20 6 The Volapuk language was devised in 1679 by the German priest Johann Martin Schleyer. [Schleyer devised it in 1879, p. 133] : F ID 208 7 wn lo ad er ID : 14 Te 6 39 Erving Goffman has observed that speakers regularly refrain from saying what they mean in many situations in the service of the higher goal of politeness in its broadest sense. For example, a person may respond to the query “How are you?” with “Fine, thanks,” even if she is having a terrible day. [This observation is Robin Lakoff’s, p. 140] 39 F ID : 14 T t ID: Do 6. Tes 6 T st 5. 87 : 20 ID ad e r st Te T F In Western onomastics, given names commonly have Greek, Teutonic, Latin, or Hebrew origins. [See pp. 127-128] 8. T F Edward Sapir’s ethnological research on the Kwakiutl language revealed that the three basic verb tense categories of Standard Average European (SAE) are not universal. An example of this finding is that the tendency of English speakers to conceptualize the passage of time as a linear and irreversible flow of events is not shared by speakers of Italian. [English and Italian are both SAE languages, pp. 205-206] 9. T Do wn lo 7. F Down load er ID: Test ID: 2087 208 Tes 1439 6 7 t ID: The extinct Cayuse language is a lingua franca of the contemporary Western world. [The question tests students’ understanding of the concept of a lingua franca, which by definition cannot be extinct, p. 134] Downloader ID: 14396 6 39 : 14 ID ad er lo Do wn 10. T F In Roman Jakobson’s typology of “constituents that must be present before language can be used in social settings,” the mode of contact refers to the medium through which addressee and addresser exchange linguistic cues (e.g. face to face, online, over the telephone). [p. 145] 11. T F The first dialect atlas in the Western world was entitled Atlas linguistique, and was authored by the Oxdia @ http://www.oxdia.com This item is shared by the uploader to help you in your studies. 14396 der ID: Downloa It is copyrighted by...
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