Which of the below statements most accurately

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Unformatted text preview: wn Do a. b. c. d. e. 14 Te st ID : 20 87 ID : Dow nl oa de r ID : 6 39 14 : ID er ad lo wn Do a. Sentences in scientific discourse should rarely, if ever, contain compound predicates. b. Academic publications should always begin with an abstract that provides a brief synopsis of the motivating research question, methodology, results, and implications for other researchers. c. In scientific writing, passive sentences should be deployed to downplay the role of the subject-actor and highlight the role of the object-goal. [see pp. 121-122] d. Sources should be cited using authors’ last names wherever possible in order to identify them as credentialed members of the research community (e.g. “Peterson 2009”). 14 39 6 ID : 20 87 Test ID: 2087 st 7 ID: 39 ader 14396 14 t ID: 6 Te 208 Tes Downlo Do wn lo ad er : 14 39 6 ID : ID Which of the basic language functions described by Roman Jakobson is most closely served by Gavin’s expressions of rage and impatience? the phatic function the metalingual function the poetic function the emotive function [p. 145] Do a. b. c. d. wn lo ad e r 15. 6 39 14 : ID er ad lo wn Do Dow nlo ade r ID: 143 16. 96 Which of the below statements is TRUE, based on the above data? a. b. c. d. er ad lo wn Do : ID Gavin is a prolific user of tag questions. Of the five chief linguistic subcompetencies described in the textbook, Gavin has failed to demonstrate only one—namely, phonological competence. [The reason is that it’s a written lab report, p. 146] The dialect utilized in this lab report and the dialect that’s traditionally employed in scientific papers are not mutually intelligible. Gavin’s description of what happened to his lab partner (“he went flying”) is an illustration of Bronislaw Malinowski’s concept of phatic communion. None of the above statements are true. 6 39 14 e. Oxdia @ http://www.oxdia.com This item is shared by the uploader to help you in your studies. It is copyrighted by the creator (copyright owner) of the content. Distribution is...
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