Which of the following scenarios is not an

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Unformatted text preview: tting married. The text in her wedding invitations reads, “Mr. and Mrs. David Richards cordially invite you to the wedding ceremony of their daughter, Hestia.” wn lo a. Test Te ID : 14 39 6 18. ad er ID : b. Cassidy, Drew, and Jamie are trying to set up a knitting club. In order to recruit members, they post an online advertisement inviting potential participants to meet at a local café. When everyone arrives, they’re astounded to discover that Cassidy, Drew, and Jamie are all men. c. Irene has just published a book on astrophysics. The dedication page reads, “To my wonderful mother, Alyssa Keller (née Robin), who taught me to shoot for the stars.” Her use of the French word “née,” which means “born,” indicates that her mother was named “Alyssa Robin” at birth and later adopted her husband’s last name to become “Alyssa Keller.” d. Ophelia, a mechanic, is planning to purchase a new car. She has been visiting dealerships to investigate options, and notices that the salesmen tend to instinctively “dumb down” technical discussions when speaking to her. To her frustration and amusement, they also routinely ask her if she has a boyfriend, father, or brother whom she plans to consult before making a final decision. 6 6 14 39 Te st ID : 20 87 Do 14 39 wn lo In an imaginary language, the form /galija/ means “light fog,” the form /prodik/ means “thick, opaque fog,” the form /relibu/ means “fog accompanied by rain,” and the form /jeyavo/ means “cool, morning fog.” In light of this data, which of the following statements is FALSE? [pp. 197-199, chapter 9 passim] st Te Do 19. ad e r ID : Test ID: 2087 : ID 87 20 Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 a. Franz Boas would say that the vocabulary of this language strongly suggests that fog historically played (and possibly continues to play) a critical role in the cultural life of its speakers, and that the development of this language probably took place within an environment with a very foggy climate. b. English uses fewer lexical categories to refer to all of these phenomena than this language does. This language thus uses a larger specialized vocabulary to encode various ‘f...
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